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What Hair Extensions We Do



Is a Single Strand technique.

Each individual  hair extension strand is bonded using a heating element which safely melts the extension onto your own hair. 

The strong keratin bond is very lightweight, looks extremely natural due to the transparent bond and you have a flexible hair movement.  

It is recommended to wear Keratin Tips for up to 12 weeks.

Keratin Tips may be difficult to reuse and this is not commonly done.

The bond is sensitive to heat and oils.

On average 120 - 150 pieces are used for a full head.


I-Tip Extension

Is a Single Strand Technique.

Each individual hair strand is connected with a silicone lined bead/link to protect your hair and closed with an extension tool.

No heat is used.

The  I-tip has natural hair movement, is undetectable and the hair is easily reused.


They stay in 10-12 weeks or every 4 weeks you can get them pushed up.

150 - 200 strands is the quantity needed for a full head.

Microtips are also available.

Tape Extension

Two inch wide Hair extension



Latest Hair Extension method with flexible and seamless finish. They are VERY lightweight.

Extremely flat and seamless to touch.

Your own hair is attached in between two pieces of tape extension.   

Very easy to blend colors and add dimension.

They stay in 6-8 weeks and can be reused.

30 - 35 tape sandwiches are needed for a full head.


Beaded Weft

 Is a Hair Weft Technique.

Wefted Hair is  sewn on to a non braided track created by silicone lined beads/links. 


Flattracks are connected to the next bead and meet in the middle, where the Beaded Weft track is beads installed next to each other.


Very durable and weight distributed evenly.

Flattracks stay in for 10 - 12 weeks and Beaded Weft 5 - 6 weeks.

4 - 5 tracks are needed for a full head.

WE also


Offer partial coverage, they are a perfect solution for people with gradual hair loss, thinning hair or problem spots.

A topper is also ideal for adding volume to thin or fine hair.

They are installed with silicone lined beads/links to protect the hair.


They look quite natural, most people not guess you wearing one.

Toppers are typically lightweight, so you don't have to worry about getting your scalp to warm. 

The Topper installation should be maintained every 4 - 5 weeks.


Custom Sewn Halo, that means at the consultation we measure how wide the Halo should be and then hand sew it.

With no clips and no glue, you just slip it on and pull your own hair over the transparent soft wire.

The soft wire is connected to the weft of the hair.

It is extremely light weight and a great solution for the client that doesn't want to commit to permanent hair extensions.

 The Halo can be taken on and off on daily basis.

Clip In's

Our Custom Sewn Clip In's are wefts of hair that have clips attached on each side.

They come in different sizes so they can be placed all around the head.


Perfect for the client who wants instant hair extension results for special occasions.


Clip In's take a short amount of time to put in.  

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